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Which href value should I use for JavaScript links, # or javascript:void(0)?

For JavaScript links, it is generally recommended to use the href="#" value rather than href="javascript:void(0)". Here’s an explanation:

  1. href="#": Using href="#" creates a link that points to the current page’s top, often referred to as a fragment identifier. It is a commonly used convention to create a placeholder link for JavaScript functionality or for elements like buttons that have a click event attached to them. It allows you to bind event handlers to the link element and prevent the page from scrolling when the link is clicked.
  2. href="javascript:void(0)": This approach invokes the void operator with the value 0, essentially discarding the result and preventing the browser from navigating to a different page. However, using javascript:void(0) has a few drawbacks:
    • It is considered less semantically meaningful and may confuse developers who are reading the code.
    • In some older browsers, it may cause unexpected behavior or raise security warnings.
    • It can interfere with accessibility features, such as screen readers, that rely on valid and meaningful link behavior.

Given these considerations, href="#" is generally preferred for JavaScript links as it provides a clean and widely supported way to create placeholder links. Remember to use appropriate event handlers (e.g., onclick) or event delegation to handle the desired JavaScript functionality when the link is clicked, while preventing any unwanted page navigation or scrolling.

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